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In 1868, lawyer and businessman James B. Martindale published The Martindale Directory, a listing that provides the addresses of reliable law firms, banks and real estate offices in every city in the United States. As the world’s leading source of information for the legal profession, Martindale-Hubbell® continues Mr. Martindale’s tradition 145 years later by providing solutions for both professionals and consumers, which include web marketing tools, listings, ratings, interactive platforms and more. Its flagship products are Lawyers.com and martindale.com.  

Lead copywriter for LexisNexis® Web Professional Presence (October 2012-October 2013)

In October 2012, I was selected as the copywriter for Web Professional Presence when it was undergoing pilot testing. Collaborating with a team that included our creative director, a product manager, project manager, designer and web developer, we worked with a handful of clients to evaluate market demand, product delivery, product design and product performance to determine whether or not to launch the product. Web Professional Presence became one of the fastest-selling products in Martindale-Hubbell®’s Web Visibility Solutions product line. 

As lead copywriter, I worked directly with attorneys throughout the U.S. to develop their web content marketing strategy, as well as write informative, SEO ready content as a way of converting prospects into customers. I collaborated with designers, project managers and web developers to ensure a consistent tone, style and message. 

The following is a sample of the work we’ve done: 

Copywriter for LexisNexis® Site Essentials (February 2012-February 2013)

Site Essentials has earned a reputation throughout Martindale-Hubbell® and among attorneys for its quality product design and efficient product delivery. This product’s quick two-week turnaround from Initial Conference Call (ICC) to website launch required me to produce content quickly and competently. 

The following is a sample of the clients I’ve worked with: