Lactose-Intolerant? You Might Want To Check Out This NYC Ice Cream Shop

Victory Garden in New York City (on Carmine and Bleecker) uses goat’s milk for all the items on their menu. Goat’s milk is supposedly one that most closely resembles human milk. 

Yeah, I found myself saying “oh, ew” too. I’m glad I saw that sign ~after~ I’d already eaten half of my Alfajores (an Argentinian sandwich cookie made by spreading dulce de leche between two shortbread cookies. Yum!) sundae because it was pretty damn good. 

I chose salted caramel as the ice cream base for my sundae so I can’t attest to the goat-milkiness of the flavor. I can tell you that if you hadn’t told me it was goat milk, I wouldn't have known. The goat’s milk caramel they drizzled over it did taste different -- almost floral. 

Victory Garden has its share of traditional flavors but it also like to keep in line with its “garden” theme of infusing their soft serve and gelato with lavender, rosemary, and the like. 

On the day that Zach and I went, honey lavender seemed to be the favorite since the tin had only about a couple scrapes in it left. Surprisingly it didn’t taste like bubble bath. I had a couple mouthfuls of Zach’s honey lavender order and it tasted like a lemon granita without the grittiness. I liked it, but it didn’t compare to the rich salted-caramel goodness of my sundae, which also had chunks of alfajores cookies, a sprinkling of desiccated coconut, and topped with goat milk caramel.